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Hagar's Manhattan Grill

Established 2016

Hagar's Manhattan Deli

Established 1982

It all started back in 1982, when Fred and his dad Garry bought a little deli at 37th and Ingersoll in Des Moines. They offered hearty sandwiches handmade with only the best meats, cheeses and toppings served up with homemade soups, sides and desserts.

Today, Fred and his mother Vicky run the business and continue the tradition as a favorite lunch spot, serving up consistently great deli fare.

In 2016 we decided to expand the family business to West Des Moines and Hagar’s Manhattan Grill was opened at 1970 Grand Ave. in West Des Moines. While the grill features several popular menu items from the deli it specializes in food like burgers, wraps, pizzas, quesadillas and a full bar.